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Hi there!

I’m Angie Floratos, a baker and recipe developer, and here’s the story of how this all came to be…

The journey to Angie’s Brave Little Kitchen began several years back after more than a decade of battling with fibromyalgia. Living in pain and dissatisfied with Western medicine’s lack of help, Angie was determined to find a solution and set out to find her own answers.

After considerable research and consulting with a variety of functional medicine practitioners, Angie took her first major step and switched to a raw vegan diet. This change helped, but Angie felt that going raw hadn’t completely solved her auto-immune issues. More time and study eventually led her to reintroduce meats and grains back into her diet while keeping the gluten and dairy out.

Then her middle son became seriously ill with what appeared to be mononucleosis. After a multitude of tests that all came back negative, Angie became frustrated that doctors couldn’t tell her what was wrong with her son, who could now barely walk. She immediately started him on a gluten free / dairy free diet and within weeks he was on the road to recovery.
It was during her son’s recovery that Angie realized that many gluten free baked goods were lacking in nutrition (and flavor!) and full of starches and gums – not the kind of food she was used to feeding her family. So, she went to work creating gluten and dairy free recipes that didn’t contain gums, using all natural ingredients and whole grain flours. Soon her whole household was happily eating gluten free. It didn’t take long before friends and neighbors heard about her baking and Angie found herself baking for them as well… and Angie’s Kitchen was born!

In the fall of 2013, an opportunity to start a commercial bakery opened up near her home in McMinnville, OR. Together with her husband, Judus, and middle son, Andrew, they opened Angie’s Kitchen, A Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery, in December of 2014.

Now, with the launching of this website, Angie and her family hope to share on an even larger scale the gluten free goodness so many have come to know and love through the recipes and knowledge offered here.